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COVID-19 Return to Tennis Guidance for the Republic of Ireland

Courts available 4 to 8pm weekdays, depandant on supervisors, see booking app for availability.  Booking currently available for members only, any change will be posted here.

Private coaching available with Tanya, non members welcome. 

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Balrothery Tennis Club, AIB Balbriggan

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Last Update : May 21st, 2020
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Tie Break Rules - how to proceed after 6-6

As a tie break doesn’t happen too often and sometimes players can end up scratching their heads trying to remember how to proceed, here’s how...

The player who would normally be serving after 6-6 is the one to serve first in the tie break, and the tie break is considered a service game for this player.
The server begins his service from the deuce court and serves one point. After the first point, the serve changes to the first server’s opponent. Each player then serves two consecutive points for the remainder of the tiebreak. The first of each two-point sequence starts from the server’s advantage court and the second starts from the deuce court. In this way, the sum of the scores is even when the server serves from the deuce court. After every six points, the players switch ends of the court; it can occur in the middle of a server’s two-point sequence.

The tie break winner is the first person to reach 7 points or above with a 2 point lead on their opponent.
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For Adult and Child coaching and Children’s events contact our club coach Tanya Grazhulienie
Phone : 089 9610202
Last Update : Feb 18th, 2017
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